School Clubs

We are proud to offer a range of extra-curricular activities for the children. 

The extra-curricular clubs on offer are as follows:

  • football
  • gymnastics
  • dance
  • dodgeball
  • cheerleading
  • basketball
  • active kids (multi-sports)
  • French
  • craft
  • music
  • choir
  • homework

Some of our Key Stage 2 children also lead 'study zone' and 'book club' in their lunchtimes for other children to participate in.

If you have any queries about School Clubs, please speak to the school office.

Please click here to see the timetable for our school clubs running this week.


Club Participation

Many of our children choose to join in with our school clubs offer. The table below demonstrates the percentages of engagement where children attend one or more of the clubs on offer to them.

Class Percentage
R 34%
1 91%
2 63%
3 90%
4 77%
5 83%
6 93%
Total 75%
  • 1