School Development Plan

Our School Development Plan is written following careful analysis of the previous academic year and with current educational legislation in mind. Listed below are our priorities for 2019/20 and the key objectives for each priority:


Quality of Education Priority - To further develop the curriculum to ensure the impact of the whole curriculum is highly effective in all subjects

Key Objectives:

1. High quality reading underpins the whole curriculum

2. The curriculum is challenging for all learners to ensure at least good progress, including SEND, Pupil Premium, vulnerable learners and high attainers

3. Assessment is robust and effectively used to impact the progress of all learners

4. Teaching and Learning remain high quality


Behaviour and Attitudes - All stakeholders are well engaged with the school as a learning community

Key Objectives:

1. Children are engaged and resilient learners (metacognition and self-regulation)

2. Stakeholders are well engaged with the school through a shared vision (our school vision

3. Attendance continues to be at least good (our whole school target is 97%)


Personal Development - To support all children in engaging in the communities that they belong to in order for them to live life in the fullest

Key Objectives:

1. Children personally develop well, in and out of school, by developing their interests and talents

2. Children are well prepared for modern life in Britain

3. Children, staff and leaders develop their understanding of the Christian faith and how it impacts on their own values and contribution to the community


Leadership and Management - To ensure all leaders are most effective in their roles to maintain a high quality of education for all children

Key Objectives:

1. Strong subject leadership delivers a high quality curriculum

2. Leaders ensure staff are effective in the roles 

3. Governors use up to date knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of governance in order to provide robust support and challenge to the school

4. The culture of safeguarding is strong with all stakeholders

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