School Development Plan

Our School Development Plan is written following careful analysis of the previous academic year and with current educational legislation in mind. Listed below are our priorities for 2021/22 and the key objectives for each priority:


Quality of Education Priority - Teaching staff to have the skills and knowledge they need to deliver outstanding lessons at all times, and have high expectations of all.

Key Objectives:

1. Implement the curriculum effectively, reflecting changes and updates to some curriculum areas.

2. Implement a revised assessment tracking system.

3. Develop children's oracy through the teaching of language and a range of reading opportunities. 


Closing the Gap (SEND, Pupil Premium & COVID-19 Recovery) - Teaching staff to have the skills and knowledge they need to identify gaps in knowledge  and barriers to learning to effectively target learning to meet the needs of all children, especially those who are vulnerable.

Key Objectives:

1. Implement a programme of 'Catch-up' to secure a return to prior attainment levels.

2. Utilise the Pupil Premium Grant and Recovery funding to best effect.

3. Closely monitor children who are Pupil Premium and provide targeted support to meet the needs of the learner.

4. SEND pupils are effectively provided for (including children with no SEND, who attain within the bottom 20% of their cohort).


Behaviour and Attitudes - All staff have knowledge and understanding of what contributes to children having positive behaviours and attitudes to ensure that children have the greatest opportunity to succeed.

Key Objectives:

1. Further develop pupil leadership opportunities.

2. Pupils actively support the wellbeing of other pupils.


Personal Development - The school provides opportunities for pupils to develop in many diverse aspects of life - teaching children how to engage in society

Key Objectives:

1. Communication and coverage of the online safety curriculum.

2. Further develop opportunities for a breadth of experiences across the curriculum and increase pupil engagement in extra-curricular activities through a wider range of clubs.

3. Through the curriculum and Collective Worship opportunities, build upon children's understanding of modern Britain and the world.


Leadership and Management - Leaders are ambitious for all and effective in making positive impact on the quality of education provided for all children; whilst taking into account workload and staff wellbeing

Key Objectives:

1. Induct newly appointed SENCO - SENCO to successfully complete NASENCO qualification and lead SEND effectively in the school.

2. Leaders work with staff to manage workload whilst maintaining high expectations.

3. Improve communication about the curriculum through the school website.

4. Keep up-to-date with local and national safeguarding legislation and guidance with regular updates for all stakeholders and on-going training for staff and governors

5. Implement an effective monitoring programme for leaders and governors


Early Years Education - Early Years staff have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver outstanding provision at all times and have high expectations of all.

1. Improve language development through the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI).

2. Embed the Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) & 2021 EYFS curriculum.



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