Phonics at Hartwell: 

Pre-reading skills are taught using synthetic phonics and the school following Speed Sound lessons, using resources from the ‘Read Write Inc’ program. This provides us with a multi-sensory approach that accommodates all learning styles. 

The children are taught within the phase that is appropriate to their level of development. They are assessed on a regular basis and groups are sorted accordingly.  The phonemes (sounds) are systematically taught before the children are shown how to blend them for reading and segmenting them for writing. Alongside this, the children are taught the ’high frequency words’ (those words that do not entirely follow the phonic rules). Staff receive regular training in the teaching of phonics, which ensures that they deliver interesting, interactive sessions that engage and motivate the children. 

Children take home each week a ‘phonics reading book’ linked to the phonic phase they are learning. Adults in school read regularly with children to check books provide opportunities for consolidation and challenge.