Our School Vision

At Hartwell Primary our guiding Christian Values and resolute belief that all children can achieve mean that we support and challenge every child to aim for the highest standard in who they are and all they do.

We aspire for our children to achieve their full potential in every way so that they develop a lifelong love of learning in order to experience life in all its fullness.

We do this by:
• Providing a welcoming, secure and inclusive environment which stimulates our learners to be confident, hardworking and to respond positively to challenge
• Promoting personal responsibility, good citizenship and Christian and British Values that develop high behavioural and moral standards
• Delivering a rich curriculum which ensures balance and breadth, and prepares our children for their future
• Delivering learning that is challenging and fun which meets the individual needs of our children
• Encouraging respect for all and active engagement with our community and the wider world


Our Curriculum Vision

Our aim is for children to leave Hartwell Primary School in Year 6, knowing that the world is an exciting place, full of diversity and opportunities for all. We want them to communicate confidently with others and to give informed opinions that are based on learned knowledge, understanding of the world and their experiences.
Through our curriculum, the children will want to take part in a range of learning opportunities and experiences to engage with the wider world. We want children to leave our school with ambition for their futures.


Key Concepts of our Curriculum

The Key Concepts are the ‘golden threads’ that run throughout our curriculum in each curriculum subject:
• Communication: reading, oracy, presentation
• Legacy: People, events, civilisation, environment, exploration and innovation
• Creativity
• The World: Global citizenship, anti-discrimination and prejudice, place, Fundamental British Values
• Wellbeing
• Reflection, Reasoning and Response: curiosity and reflection, debate, problem-solving, evaluating, opinions


Where can you find out more about our curriculum?

Within the Curriculum Menu on this website, you are able to explore each curriculum subject in detail.

By visiting the Class Pages, you will find out more about the learning for each half term that the children will experience.


A Curriculum for All

Our school vision is clear that we believe that all children can achieve and have the right in being correctly supported to do so. Our curriculum offer complies with our duties set out in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. This ensures that our curriculum is accessible and equitable for all. If you have any questions regarding your child's access needs to our school and our curriculum, please make an appointment to further discuss this with our SENCO.


Remote Learning and Catch Up Funding during COVID-19 Pandemic

Schools were allocated funding to support children 'catching up' on any lost learning or gaps that may have developed in their subject knowledge. This particularly relates to key understanding in English and Maths. Below is a link to how we used the funding to support our children. 

COVID-19 Catch Up Funding Plan

The link to the document below is a review of our remote learning provision.

Review of Remote Learning (January and February 2021)


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