Curriculum matters

At Hartwell Primary school our main aim is to ensure that all children receive an excellent all round education built upon a foundation of basic skills which will equip them to be secondary ready and prepared for life in modern Britain. You can see a copy of the Long Term Map for all year groups.

We aim to teach the National curriculum in a way which motivates and engages all pupils. Our choice of projects across each term allows links to be made and learning to be more meaningful. Each project opens with a “key”; a task which will serve to stimulate the children’s interest and raise questions about the learning to come. The project closes with a “lock”; an experience which serves to lock in the learning which has taken place i.e. a presentation to a given audience or a visit to a relevant setting. Project outlines are shared with parents in order that they can support the children’s learning outside of school. Individual Curriculum overviews can be found on the class pages.

Basic skills are a crucial part of our teaching and children are expected to apply their basic skills across all aspects of the curriculum. Children are motivated through reward schemes such as “144 club” membership for learning times tables and the bronze to platinum spelling awards.

Early reading and phonics

In the early years of the children’s education we use the Jolly Phonics scheme alongside Letters and Sounds to teach basic phonic skills. A range of reading scheme materials are made available to the children alongside a rich variety of “real” books in order to help children develop the desire to read alongside the skills to do so.

Please click here to see our Grammar Glossary for parents.

Information technology

We are committed to equipping children with the necessary IT and computing skills needed for life in a technologically rich society. We use IT to enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum. We encourage and support children to be independent users of IT, extending learning opportunities outside of lesson time. We also teach the children a wide range of computing skills, following the National Curriculum for Computing.


We believe that encouraging our children to lead active and healthy lives is a crucial part of our role as a school. Through our P.E curriculum and range of extra-curricular activities children learn essential skills in a purposeful context. We offer the opportunity to employ these skills in a range of competitive situations both within school and through the School Sports Partnership.

The arts

We are committed to offering our children a range of opportunities through the arts. The arts are not only a means of expression for all pupils but also support the learning of basic skills, the building of self-confidence and the opportunity to explore different cultural dimensions.


As a Church school we strive to ensure high quality teaching in R.E. We follow the Northamptonshire syllabus for R.E. and our long term map can be found by clicking here. The R.E. curriculum is enriched through visits and visitors giving our children relevant first hand experiences to make their learning real.

Special Educational Needs (SEND)

At Hartwell school we are committed to supporting and educating each child to the very highest standards, regardless of any Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND).  Our daily interactions and teaching of children will always be informed by their unique needs.  We recognise that some times children require different approaches and strategies to just provide them with the equal opportunity that other children have.  We work very closely with families to identify and support any differences and/or needs and create a provision in school that allows each child to reach their own potential.  Please see below for the link to Northamptonshire's Local Offer website: 

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